Khalil Mack- Training Camps

Training camp is always more enjoyable when your elite players are competing against each other.

Image Source- Bolts for the Blue

This rep showed that both players are ready for the season to begin tomorrow. Mack manages to get inside.

Khalil Mack- Both Player Season

Image Source- Bleacher Reports

Khalil Mack- Seamless Power

He converts speed into power seamlessly to drive Slater home. Slater stands Mack up and blocks him.

This is a significant developmental milestone for a second-year player who hopes to be one of the best blindsides.

Khalil Mack- Significant Development

Mack made it clear that he wasn't joking when telling the media he would show them how hungry he is.

Khalil Mack- Telling the Media

According to reports, Mack is acting like a UDFA in training camp and not a three-time All-Pro first-teamer.

Khalil Mack- In the Training Camp

The Chargers tweeted that iron is a common theme. It looks like Mack and Slater will be razor-sharp by Week 1.

Khalil Mack- Chargers Tweeted

If Everything goes well then we are pretty much sure that Khalil will lead his team to the NFL Finals.

Khalil Mack- NFL Finals

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