Khalil Mack- In his Tank

Khalil Mack has plenty left in his tank. When you asked him "how hungry" he is after not seeing many teams.

Mack responded, "You have said "How hungry?" Are you interested in knowing what I'm hungry.

Khalil Mack- How Hungry

Khalil Mack- Las Vegas Raiders

After playing for four years playing for the Las Vegas Raiders and the Chicago Bears in his eight years.

He's only once made it up to playing in the Wild Card round of playoffs. There was never more.

Khalil Mack- Wild Card

With now the Los Angeles Chargers, he is able to push the envelope even more with the Chargers.

Khalil Mack- The Envelope

Being with the opposing to Joey Bosa and finally having an authentic quarterback to keep.

Khalil Mack- An Authentic

Defense away from their field with Justin Herbert, there's no way to know what the Chargers.

Khalil Mack- Their Field

Image Source- NY Times

Image Source- Marca

It is dominated by Patrick Mahomes, the division includes teams like the Kansas City Chiefs.

Khalil Mack- Kansas City Chiefs

Image Source- Business Insider

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