Bucks forward Khris Middleton scored 17 points and racked up seven assists in his debut season the night before.

Los Angeles Lakers in his first game since the start in the NBA playoffs in April.

Middleton played for 27 minutes, and hit six out of his 11 attempts

Bucks offense a boost of energy after having missed their first 20 games of the campaign.

Bucks guard Jrue Holiday said. "The style he plays in it's like there's no one else out there and he's the only one. 

 It's similar to it's a drill. It's great to see him on the field, but we would have loved to get the win.

Middleton began his career while his team the Bucks played their opening game in the back-to-back series.

Friday night prior to heading to Charlotte for a game against Charlotte Hornets in the afternoon.

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