Khris Middleton- Injury Update

If you're interested in what Milwaukee Bucks forward Khris Middleton is coping with an injury.

ESPN's Tim Bontemps and Adrian Wojnarowski have reported the fact that Khris Middleton was operated.

Khris Middleton - Reported By

Khris Middleton- Fully Recovered

The good news is that Middleton is likely to fully recovered in time to be back in the near future.

Middleton had to miss a few games during the latter part of the season due to the condition.

Khris Middleton - A Few Games

The Bucks have a terrible record of providing medical updates to their players, and it's not known.

Khris Middleton- Terrible Records

If Middleton's recuperation is successful, he'll be able to smoothly transition back into the rotation.

Khris Middleton- Be Successful

It wasn't just Holiday who struggled with the absence of Middleton as the entire team suffered a decline.

Khris Middleton - Team Struggled


Because the wrist injury isn't the only problem Middleton is expected to address in the coming off season.

Khris Middleton- Upcoming Offseason

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