Kirk Cousins- Minnesota Vikings

Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins has confirmed positive for COVID-19 head coach.

This means the player will not be able to travel with the team on the preseason game on Sunday.

Kirk Cousins- Able to Travel

Kirk Cousins- Allowed to Return

In the event of problems, Cousins could be allowed to return to the team on Tuesday, for the last week of camp.

The Vikings sent Cousins home from their training camp on Thursday morning after he became sick.

Kirk Cousins- Training Camp

I am impressed with the way he dealt with the situation," O'Connell said, "reporting the symptoms.

Kirk Cousins- The Way He Dealt

I'm pleased with how he handled that, watching his teammates and making sure we return him to start soon.

Kirk Cousins- His Teammates

Cousins was absent for one game during the season due to testing positively for the COVID-19.

Kirk Cousins- For One Game

Kirk Cousins- In the Quarantine

Image Source- SB Nation

He was also in quarantine for five days during training camp during the summer, due to the fact.

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