Metaverse Technology will Allow you to Kiss!!!

scientists developed a technology which allows a person to "kiss" someone with feeling sensation in the Metaverse.

Kiss in Metaverse- Thanks to this VR Headset

The new technology has been made possible through ultrasonic transducers to the virtual reality(VR) headsets.

Metaverse Kiss Technology- Stimulates Touch

The secretive new technology reportedly stimulates touch by applying vibrations and force while modifying the VR headset.

Kiss in Metaverse- Also Drink Virtual Water

The tech also allows a person in the metaverse to drink from a virtual water fountain, sip tea or coffee.

Metaverse Technology- Generate Vibrations

It allows a user to generate vibrations around the mouth as the new immersive technology allows near real-world scenario.

Kiss in Metaverse- Haptic System

The research said the haptic system work best across the lips, teeth and tongue. With all components integrated into the headset.

Metaverse Technology- System Enhanced Realism

The study said user experience showed the "system enhances realism and immersion in virtual reality." 

Kiss in Metaverse- No Haptic Feedback

Participants uniformly preferred using our system to having no haptic feedback at all which could be an engaging addition.

Kiss Sensation in Metaverse - Swipe Up!!!

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