Klay Thompson- Golden State Warriors

Golden State Warriors star Klay Thomson and his brother, Los Angeles Dodgers centre fielder Trayce.

They now get to share in each other's successes at Dodger Stadium and on the Chase Center court.

Klay Thompson- Dodge Stadium

Klay Thompson- Major League

Klay, 32, said that Trayce would be able to make it to the major league baseball when he spoke to PEOPLE.

Klay says, "He loved Ken Griffey [Jr.] so much that he considered him his hero." I don't think he ever had a baseball.

Klay Thompson- His Hero

Trayce, a 31-year-old, remembers that he "was always tapping bats, gripping them" as a child.

Klay Thompson- Tapping Bats

Klay, who recently won his fourth NBA championship now enjoys watching his brother match at the Dodgers Stadium.

Klay Thompson- NBA Championship

It's great to watch the action and then drink a lot of beer and eat nachos. To cheer on your brother.

Klay Thompson- Watch the Action

The brothers were able to compete as a team at Monday's Ping Pong 4 Purpose Celebrity Tournament.

Klay Thompson- Compete as Team

Image Source- Sporting News

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