Kyle Busch- Year of Deal

Busch 37, who was born in the last year of his deal for Joe Gibbs Racing and is not yet signed an extension agreement.

The following day, Busch said he has not been informed that returning to JGR is not an option anymore.

Kyle Busch- Option Anymore

The current procedure was initiated after Mars Inc. - the long-time sponsor of Busch's No. 18 - announced.

Kyle Busch- Current Procedure

I'm a racer and only ever known how to race, nothing else, trying to do other business projects.

Kyle Busch- Nothing Else

And that was the very first time I had to go through this fifteen years ago and was an experience of learning.

Kyle Busch- Fifteen Years Ago

It's far, far more complicated since you now have Kyle Busch Motorsports to consider and you've got a house.

Kyle Busch- More Complicated

One option for Busch seemed to be closed this week when two possible races on Stewart-Haas Race.

Kyle Busch- Two Possible Races

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Kyle Busch- Crucial to Join

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Busch stated that if he was to decide to leave JGR it was crucial to join an organization.

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