Kyle Pitts- Record Touchdowns

What happens when a player with one record touchdown as a poor quarterback make it into the top three.

The Hawks made use of the majority all of their capital in exchange with Dejounte 'Murray with Trade request.

Kyle Pitts- Trade Request

Kyle Pitts- Football Draft

Below, we examine Kyle Pitts 2022 fantasy football draft average (ADP) and the location you should pick him.

Pitts had a record-breaking 1,000 yards during his first season, and big expectations are placed on him.

Kyle Pitts- Record Breaking

The Falcons do not have the successor to QB Matt Ryan and when they had the opportunity in the 2021 draft.

Kyle Pitts- The Successor

Pitts is at the top of the Fab 5 tight end positions in the NFL and is well in the middle of Travis Kelce.

Kyle Pitts- Tight End Position

The lines of division between the top tight ends are obvious and Pitts has his place just in middle.

Kyle Pitts- Lines of Division

Image Source- Atlanta Falcons

Kyle Pitts- Potentialy Powerful

Image Source- New York Post

Pitts is perhaps the most athletically gifted and a potential powerful tight end to make it to the NFL History.

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