Kyle Schwarber Phillies' slugger, was beaten by Cardinals legend Albert Pujols in Monday night.

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This result threw baseball fans and bettors for a loop. Pujols is an extremely old man.

Crossing Broad, a Philly sports blog, is accusing baseball of dinger display. Schwarber and Pujols made it.

Kyle Schwarber- Dinger Display

This is the easiest one to disprove. Let's begin by saying that Pujols was not granted an erroneous.

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All players received 30 seconds extra after the first three minutes regardless of their home run distance.

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After regulation, batters who hit two home runs of 440+ feet were granted an additional 30 seconds.

Kyle Schwarber- Two Home Runs

Pujols however had only 30 seconds. In those 30 seconds, he hit three home runs.

Kyle Schwarber- Only 30 Seconds

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Some people are frustrated that Ravech ended Pujols extra time by saying, "Albert will end with a dozen home runs.

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