Kyler Murray- Arizona Cardinals

Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray is now among the most highly paid players in the NFL.

Was once again featured in the annual NFL Top 100 Players list for the 2022 football season in the Football.

Kyler Murray- NFL Top 100 Player

Kyler Murray- In the Process

NFL players took part in the voting process for Murray. Murray was ranked No. 57 in the season.

Attention was shifted to his ability to throw the ball with speed, distance, and accuracy and with quick release.

Kyler Murray- Throw the Ball

Jonathan Greenard and others were among the players who received high praise from Kyler Murray.

Kyler Murray- Received High Praise

Murray played his team of Cardinals through 11 victories as well as the playoffs and selected for Pro Bowl.

Kyler Murray- Cardinals Team

At his press conference after the game, Kingsbury declared that Murray played about six games.

Kyler Murray- Press Conference

Kyler Murray- Call Sheet

Image Source- Sportingnews, Sportskeeda

Kingsbury stated that Murray had a "wide open" call sheet to use as a reference.

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