Many have spoken regarding the facial expressions displayed by Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray.

Kyler Murray- Facial Expression of Him

Following a disappointing performance or game Murray has been seen to be unsatisfied on the field.

Kyler Murray- Performance Down

He was featured on an show on The Dave Pasch Podcast and talked about several issues, including the body language.

Kyler Murray- Joined the Podcast

Pugh isn't averse to Murray's leadership style or how Murray conducts himself when things don't go well.

Kyler Murray- His Leadership Way

Prior to joining with the Cardinals in 2018 he was a player with The New York Giants.

Kyler Murray- Joining the Cardinals

He brought up an interesting fact about Eli Manning, a player that many consider to have been a Hall of Famer.

Kyler Murray- Some Intersting Facts

"Eli Manning was not a vocal leader," Pugh declared. "He wasn't the only in and out, the one who was last to leave.

Kyler Murray- As a Vocal Leader

Image Source- Raising Zona

"Does Kyler have a mopey attitude when he's on the sidelines at times? Sure, I do but there's no camera.

Kyler Murray- No Camera Recording

Image Source- Essentially Sports

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