The Brooklyn Nets and Kyrie Irving are currently in a unique situation. After a disappointing season.

Kyrie Irving- Brooklyn Nets

Irving wants an extension of his contract to the maximum amount from Brooklyn.

Kyrie Irving- Wants an Extension

While he's amazing when performing, his inactivity can be detrimental to the team.

Kyrie Irving- When Performing

The guard is in the last season of his deal, and has a player option to the contract.

Kyrie Irving- Season of His Season

If he doesn't exercise to exercise, he'll become an unrestricted free agent and may join any team.

Kyrie Irving- Unrestricted Free Agents

Experts Skip Bayless as well as Shannon Sharpe believe the Nets could be ruined in the event.

Image Source- Bro Bible

Kyrie Irving- Nets Could be Ruined

Numerous teams would be willing to offer Kyrie Irving an enormous contract in spite of these concerns.

Image Source- Fade Away World

Kyrie Irving- Numerous Teams

If Irving decides to not take his player choice the point guard will become the player who is a free agent.

Kyrie Irving- His Player Choice

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