What's next for Brooklyn Nets now that Kyrie Irving has taken the decision to take advantage of the Player Option to play in 2022-23.

Kyrie Irving- Brooklyn Nets

While the Nets do not have to be concerned about their most significant potential free-agent, there's much work.

Kyrie Irving- Don't have to be Concerned

Five of the other Brooklyn players who played at minimum 10 minutes of action in the team's first-round rout against the Boston Celtics.

Kyrie Irving- Played at Minimum

How do the Nets also integrate their new player Ben Simmons after his deadline for trades to make improvements?

Kyrie Irving- Integrate New Players

What options do Brooklyn have in the case of Irving as he's in the last season his contract which he signed.

Kyrie Irving- In the Case of Him

Purely in terms of technicality, Kyrie Irving choosing to sign on for the final year and the estimated $37 million.

Image Source- CBS Sports

Kyrie Irving- Sign a Contract

Irving will be just a player who is on an expiring contract for next year, while players with expiring contracts.

Image Source- Nets Daily

Kyrie Irving- Contract Expiry

It's expected to reach $155.7 million for the next season. Irving was said to be looking at six clubs other than the Nets.

Kyrie Irving- Deal for Next Season

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