After a weekend in which Russell Westbrook and LeBron James were unable to pretend to like.

Kyrie Irving- After a Weekend

Kyrie Irving- Multiple Reports

As multiple reports that both the Lakers have reached an impasse during ongoing trade talks.

While the latter may have been true, the former is not. At least, not if you believe recent rumors about Irving.

Kyrie Irving- Recent Rumors

According to Brian Lewis, The New York Post, a source described as "close to Irving", he claims.

Kyrie Irving- New York Post

Irving was also told by another source that Irving has always wanted to play for Brooklyn, with or without Durant.

Kyrie Irving- Another Source

The source rhetorically asked, "How did we get into this trade situation when he opted out?

Kyrie Irving- Trade Situation

Here's the situation. He opted in which means that he wanted to play with the Brooklyn Nets.

Kyrie Irving- Wanted to Play

Image Source-Marca

"Kyrie is not asking for a trade. If the Nets do not want him, that would be something completely different.

Kyrie Irving- Completely Different

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Adam Silver, the NBA commissioner, stated Tuesday that he was "hopeful" that the NBA will change its age limit.

Adam Silver want to Change Age Limit