A week after it was announced that the Los Angeles Lakers and Brooklyn Nets were in talks about a possible Kyrie Irving.

Kyrie Irving- Free Agent

Kyrie Irving- Will be Lakers?

Although some believe Irving is likely to become a Laker possibly at the end of this season.

A new report by Brian Lewis of the New York Post says that an "source close to Kyrie Irving".

Kyrie Irving- New York Post

It claims that the talented guard wants to remain in Brooklyn and actually Irving never had any intention of leaving initially.

Kyrie Irving- Talented Guard

How did we come to this particular situation regarding trade after he decided to join?

Kyrie Irving- Particular Situations

He chose to join and that means he was and has every intention of playing for the Brooklyn Nets.

Kyrie Irving- Every Intentions

There are a variety of accounts of what could hold up any trade, ranging from the Lakers.

Kyrie Irving- Hold Any Trade

Joe Harris to ensure salaries are comparable as well as their unwillingness to trade more than one draft selection.

Kyrie Irving- Salaries Comparable

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