Kyrie Irving- Los Angeles Lakers

Many people believe there is Los Angeles Lakers and the Russell Westbrook issue at this time.

The Los Angeles Lakers are eyeing deals that go beyond trades for Brooklyn Nets star Kyrie Irving.

 Kyrie Irving- Go Beyond Trades

 Kyrie Irving- Indiana Pacers

A deal with the Indiana Pacers in exchange for veteran point guard Russell Westbrook.

If and when Kevin Durant and Donovan Mitchell get traded, the space to make a Westbrook trade probably opens.

 Kyrie Irving- Durant & Mitchell

Irving has been reported to have been looking to team along with a former Cleveland Cavaliers teammate.

 Kyrie Irving- Cleveland Cavaliers

Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports reported that the Lakers and Nets were "actively engaged" in discussions.

 Kyrie Irving- Yahoo Sports

Trade between Irving and Westbrook and it was "palpable optimism" that a deal could be struck.

 Kyrie Irving- Could be Struck

 Kyrie Irving- Doing Negotiations

Image Source- Essentialy Sports

Lakers and Pacers were involved in trade negotiations involving Westbrook in exchange for Myles Turner.

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