The Brooklyn Nets and Kyrie Irving are reported to be at an impasse in contract negotiation talks.

Kyrie Irving- Brooklyn Nets

It's not surprising that this has caused a lot of discussion among gamblers and fans as to which team the dynamic point guard.

Kyrie Irving- A Lot of Discussion

The renowned ball-handling, slick and explosive basketball player Irving has a degree of skill and creativity.

Kyrie Irving- Renowned Ball Handling

After averaging an all-time high of 27.4 points and a personal best average of 3.4 3-pointers in his career.

Kyrie Irving- All Time High

General manager Sean Marks plainly stated that the team needs players from Brooklyn who are loyal to the team.

Kyrie Irving- General Managers

"So it's time to consider what he's planning to do with his player option , and the like," Marks said.

Image Source- Los Angeles Times

Kyrie Irving- Planning to Do

Be selfless and play basketball with a team and be readily available. In fact, this is not just for Kyrie but to everyone else here."

Image Source- Fade Away World

Kyrie Irving- Readily Available

In this instance, Kyrie is 43-31 against the spread, and a stunning 50-24 straight-up in the playoffs.

Kyrie Irving- Against the Spread

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