Indiana Pacers- Any Speculations

The recent news about Kyrie Irving could end any speculation regarding the Lakers' trades.  

One possibility was to land Pacers players Buddy Hield or Myles Turner as part of a huge trade package.

Indiana Pacers- High Trade Package

Indiana Pacers- General Manager

Rob Pelinka Lakers General Manager, promised LeBron that he would continue to make moves to improve the roster.

The Pacers asked for two potential first-round picks from the Lakers (2027 and 2029), which stopped trade talks.

Indiana Pacers- Trade Talks

The Pacers package that Myles Turner and Buddy Hield could offer the Lakers is a consolation prize.

Indiana Pacers- Consolation Prize

The Lakers have never been willing to part ways with their first-round picks in previous non-Irving agreements. 

Indiana Pacers- Willing to Part

It is worth upgrading your center, shooting guard and losing Russell Westbrook's huge contract of $47.1 million.

Indiana Pacers- Upgrading Your Center

Image Source- Draftkings Nation

Indiana Pacers- Any Movies

Image Source- Los Angeles Times

The Lakers could also decide to hold off on making any moves in order to unlock more potential.

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