Lamar Jackson- Baltimore Ravens 

Baltimore Ravens to get a long-term contract together with Lamar Jackson before the start of the season.

Jackson has made it clear that the team will end all negotiations with the team after the start of the regular season.

Lamar Jackson- All Negotiations

The Ravens begin their season on Sunday afternoon in a game against their rivals the New York Jets.

Lamar Jackson- The Season 

Jackson has also stated that Jackson as well as Ravens Ravens are in the process of negotiation agreement.

Lamar Jackson- Baltimore Ravens

Former league MVP could not specify what progress is being made in the current moment.

Lamar Jackson- League MVP

Jackson has not own an agent has been able to see the fully guaranteed contract worth $230 million.

Lamar Jackson- Guaranteed Contract

Image Source-  SI.COM, Sactown Royalty

Lamar Jackson- In Negotiations

Image Source-  SI.COM, Sactown Royalty

Many have called for Jackson to employ an agent to be a buffer in negotiations with the team.

Jackson is in full right to not employ agents, but according to my sources that he doesn't intend to.

Lamar Jackson- Employ Agents 

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