The last time we received a call from Lamar Jackson, he was in discussions in Baltimore Ravens.

Lamar Jackson- Last Time Call

Lamar Jackson- Baltimore Ravens

Baltimore Ravens "private" and drama-free. The reporter was told he planned to retire in Baltimore.

Would not take into account the absurd $230 million contract that the Cleveland Browns handed Deshaun Watson.

Lamar Jackson- $230 Million Contract

However, some of the clues that are being offered on social media might indicate anger from Jackson.

Lamar Jackson- Clues on Social Media

The Ravens' quarterback of the moment modified his Instagram profile photo and Twitter profile.

Lamar Jackson- Ravens Quarterback

According to Jackson that it doesn't mean anything. In spite of the obvious meaning of the tweet, Jackson responded.

Lamar Jackson- Meaning of Tweet

"I don't know why people are blowing it up," Jackson stated on Saturday, as reported by Deen.

Lamar Jackson- People are Blowing Up

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The people just take whatever's shared through social media sites and blast it up and then try to think on their own.

Lamar Jackson- Shared on Social Media

Image Source- Bloomberg

Here is the Highest Paid Player in the NBA History & it is not Lebron James or Stephen Curry.

The Highest Paid Player in NBA History