It's not often that you'll have an former NFL MVP get into a Twitter fight with an ex- Super Bowl champion.

Lamar Jackson- Former NFL MVP

Lamar Jackson- Twitter War

The Twitter war began shortly after ESPN released their list of the most effective quarterbacks in the NFL.

Following the announcement that Jackson was not included on this list, Ryan Clark came to his defense.

Lamar Jackson- The Announcements

Clark believed Jackson ought to have been placed among the top 10 however Pollard did not agree with him.

Lamar Jackson- To be Placed Top 10

Even though Pollard said that Jackson has earned top dollars however, that was not the only positive thing.

Lamar Jackson- Earned Quite Well

Following that tweet, he tweeted another tweet in which he said that any wide receiver wouldn't like.

Lamar Jackson- Wide Receiver

Ravens selected quarterback Lamar Jackson with the number. 32 overall selection at the time of the 2018 NFL draft.

Lamar Jackson- Baltimore Ravens

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He won the most prestigious unanimous MVP award in NFL history and also delivered excellent game.

Lamar Jackson- Most Prestigious

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