Lamar Jackson- 5 Year Deal

Kyler Murray's 5-year $230.5 million agreement is yet another major occasion in the growing NFL market.

The impact of Murray's contract on Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson will be watched.

Lamar Jackson- Baltimore Ravens

Lamar Jackson- Deal Possible

It's plausible, if is not likely that all of these deals possibly completed in the offseason.

The Ravens and Jackson are in discussions with Jackson. However, there is no deal imminent.

Lamar Jackson- Imminent

Also, Jackson who is not represented by an agent, and is supervised by his mother and other counsel.

Lamar Jackson- Was Supervised

Every great quarterback is likely to be asking for an extension of the Watson offer or greater.

Lamar Jackson- Great Quarterbacks

Whatever Jackson receives will likely be overshadowed by other quarterback contracts in the future.

Lamar Jackson- Overshadowed

Image Source- Baltimore Sun

There's not a sense of urgency for Jackson to sign his contract right now since the cost  will incease.

Lamar Jackson- Sense of Urgency

Image Source- CBS Sports

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