Lamar Jackson- Baltimore Ravens

In the event that Baltimore Ravens want to secure Lamar Jackson before he becomes free to take action.

Jackson stated on Saturday that he'll stop talks with the Ravens after the regular season gets underway.

Lamar Jackson- Regular Season

Lamar Jackson- An Extension

Jackson was asked if Jackson had a deadline to get an extension completed. Jackson replied, "Yeah, we come to it.

Jackson confirmed that he doesn't have any information to share about these talks and made an announcement.

Lamar Jackson- Any Information

He told reporters that the Ravens would not discuss his discussions with the Ravens confidential.

Lamar Jackson- Confidential

Jackson is a quarterback that can alter the franchise. In his three and a half seasons as an active player.

Lamar Jackson- The Franchise

Jackson has already won an MVP award, was named to an All-Pro squad, and has played in two Pro Bowls.

Lamar Jackson- An MVP Award

Lamar Jackson- Recent Extensions

Image Source- Bleacher Reports

Utilizing recent extensions for quarterbacks as a benchmark, Jackson can go a several different routes.

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