Lamar Jackson- Baltimore Ravens

In the 2022 season Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson still doesn't have an extended contract.

Jackson has stated that that he'll stop contract talks before the start of Week 1 and instead focus exclusively.

Lamar Jackson- Focus Exclusively

However, that hasn't stopped all NFL experts from making speculations about the future of Jackson beyond 2022.

Lamar Jackson- Making Speculations

Many believe that Jackson isn't going to be able to reach free agency since he'll be signed by Baltimore.

Lamar Jackson- Free Agency

Slate recently discussed the ways that Jackson's contract could determine how the next decade.

Lamar Jackson- Next Decade

Kirshner focuses on Jackson's "uniqueness" and his relatively good health, which increases his chances of Extension.

Lamar Jackson- Good Health

Jackson in at some point or another is likely to earn lots of money, and the rest of the questions.

Lamar Jackson- Lot of Money

Image Source- The Spun

Lamar Jackson- To Compensate

Image Source- Givemesports

Considering situation that Jackson is a top choice, the Ravens have no excuse not to compensate Jackson.

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