Lamelo Ball- The First Player

LaMelo Ball was the first player to ever make it into Charlotte Hornets' history to receive the $202.5 million deal.

Michael Jordan's team The Charlotte Hornets have been the most under-performers in the league for years.

Lamelo Ball- Charlotte Hornets

Lamelo Ball- Renewal

It could be changing now. With the arrival of Lamelo Ball has given renewed optimism to the franchise.

The return could be nearer than we imagine, and in this case, Lamelo Ball must be paid.

Lamelo Ball- Could be Nearer

Lamelo Ball is the very first pick from the top 3 in the last eight years of the team, and the first player.

Lamelo Ball- The First Pick

To be qualified for a max rookie extension. Lamelo Ball should get the extension he's been waiting for.

Lamelo Ball- A Max Rookie

He was absolutely stunning this season. His career averages are 18.3 points seven assists and 6.4 rebound.

Lamelo Ball- Stunning Season

His vision and range of motion are certainly exceptional. We're not sure if many point guards possess.

Lamelo Ball- Range of Motion

Image Source- Forbes

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