The Las Vegas Raiders had the highest profit through ticket-sales in the NFL this season.

Las Vegas Raiders- Highest Profile

Las Vegas Raiders- - Just Two Years

As per Sportico just two years after the team relocated to Nevada and opened Allegiant Stadium.

The Raiders achieved $119 million in revenue despite having the third-lowest team in league with 65,000.

Las Vegas Raiders- Achieved Remarkable Revenue

The 25th-highest number of tickets. In the league, the San Francisco 49ers placed second to those the Raiders.

Las Vegas Raiders- Highest Number

It was the New England Patriots, Los Angeles Rams, New York Giants and Dallas Cowboys rounded out the top six.

Las Vegas Raiders- Other Teams

These numbers are significant since 40% of the team's ticket revenues is placed into a pool shared.

Las Vegas Raiders- Numbers are Significant

The issue became very public in the year that was when Daniel Snyder and the Washington Commanders.

Las Vegas Raiders- Very Public

It could be because of a variety of factors, though a brand new $1.9 billion arena, brand new city.

Las Vegas Raiders- Several Factors

Madden ratings for this year are beginning to be released, and some Steelers fans feel that Pat Freiermuth was let down.

Steelers Fans are Not Happy but Why