Bleacher Report's Eric Pinus claims that LeBron James is still not sure about his future with the Los Angeles Lakers.

Lebron James- Bleacher Reports

James' future is likely to depend on the Lakers' offseason. The NBA Draft will take place in less time than two weeks.

Lebron James- Likely to Depend

Lebron James' hesitation to sign an extension could also be due to the Lakers' 2021-22 seasons.

Lebron James- Hesitation to Sign

James played 56 of 82 games, while Anthony Davis missed more that half the season because of injury.

Lebron James- Played 56 out of 82 games

The Lakers did not look strong enough at any point, even when at their full strength. This was despite an all-NBA season.

Lebron James- Do not Look Strong

He averaged more than 30 points per game. James is asking the Lakers for a roster upgrade if they wish to keep him.

Image Source- Goal

Lebron James- Average More than 30 Points

However, free-agents who have assurances that LeBron will .continue to play with them for at least a few more years

Image Source- Los Angeles Times

Lebron James- Free Agents Assurance

Lakers' situation regarding LeBron. "The Lakers were paralyzed by the trade deadline without any clarity from James.

Lebron James- Lakers Situations

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