LeBron James- Endorsed

From the day he endorsed there, LeBron James has been clear he didn't want to leave the Lakers.

This was where he expected not exclusively to complete his vocation however fabricate his post-NBA.

LeBron James- Exclusively

LeBron James- Activities

Next Thursday, LeBron's activities can show his obligation to the purple and gold.

LeBron is qualified for an agreement expansion of as long as two years, $97.1 million with The Lakers.

LeBron James- Agreement

Los Angeles will place that before him, and regardless of whether LeBron signs it will be one of the investigated.

LeBron James- Signed

Brian Windhorst of ESPN couldn't resist the opportunity to mix the pot this week and notice.

LeBron James- Oppotunity

Sit idle and play out this season in Los Angeles, then pursue a choice on re-marking with the Lakers.

LeBron James- This Season

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Sign an augmentation with the Lakers. While that could be one year at $46.7 million or two years at $97.1 million.

LeBron James- Augumentation

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