Lebron James- Through Design

LeBron James' longevity is completely through design. One of the main reasons is his dedication and discipline.

It's equally about how he prepares and trains his body and mind to take on the demands of the NBA season.

Lebron James- Prepares Himself

Lebron James- More Vital

This training is even more vital (and impressive in light of the fact that James is about to enter.

HIs twenty-first NBA season sporting an athletic level with a sense of resiliency, and commitment, as well.

Lebron James- NBA Season

Overall influence that no other player in NBA time has even come near to at this age in particular.

Lebron James- No Other Player

James has played 266 playoff games, which could be compared to having three regular seasons of very high energy.

Lebron James- Playoff Games

LeBron's workout and fitness plans this summer in preparation for the upcoming season.

Lebron James- Fitness Plans

LeBron is more than happy to post on social media, by filming his workout sessions.

Lebron James- On Social Media

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