After Injury,  NBA Play-In Tournament, the Lakers have decided to end LeBron James' NBA season because of injury.

Lebron James Injury- His Journey Ends Early

Los Angele Lakers announced that Lebron James will not play the final two games of the 2021-22 regular season.

Lebron James Injury- Los Angeles Lakers

The 18-time All-Star Lebron James missed five of the Los Angeles Lakers' last six games since suffering a sprained left ankle.

Lebron James Injury- Lakers Facing Huge Loss

Will the Lebron James be back in the NBA tournament or the fans will miss him in the upcoming matches.

Lebron James Injury- Fans Questioning

Los Angeles Lakers said James will not play the remaining games in order to "allow treatment & healing of his left ankle.

Lebron James Injury- Lakers Official Announced

Lebron James told to the media reporters that he didn't want to miss any future games, but he admitted that his ankle felt "horrible." 

Lebron James Injury- NBA Star Statement

"I mean, I have no idea how I finished the game, to be honest, after watching that replay," said Lebron James.

Lebron James Injury- James Quoted Statement

Lebron James will finish the regular season with a scoring average of 30.3 points in 56 games 

Lebron James Injury- Lebron James Stats

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Lebron James Injury