Lebron James- Buffalo Bills

Five NFL teams opted out of the opportunity to draft Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen in the 2018 NFL Draft.

LeBron James is fuming that his beloved Cleveland Browns were one of the five teams to pass.

Lebron James- Cleveland Browns

Allen, the Los Angeles Lakers megastar was obviously watching the Rams-Bills match last night.

Lebron James- Rams vs Bills

After the game was over, he was online and saw an article on Twitter pointing out that the Browns didn't draft Allen.

Lebron James- Posted Tweet

"Please don't do this!!" LeBron wrote in his response with a smiley emoticon. "Josh Allen is so GOOD man!!"

Lebron James- What's Written

Instead, they chose to take the Browns and chose quarterback Baker Mayfield as No. 1 overall.

Lebron James- Baker Mayfield

Image Source- Marca

Lebron James- One of the Best QB

Image Source- The Guardian

Ward is now among the best cornerbacks in the NFL, Mayfield has now gone and Allen is considered to be the top QB.

Allen was not able to play at the highest level until the year 2020 - his third season in the league.

Lebron James- In the Season

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