An exclusive LeBron James card established a record when it was auctioned during auctions on Saturday evening.

Lebron James- Established a Record

As per the official listings from Goldin Auctions the 2020-21 Panini Flawless Triple Logoman patch card.

Lebron James- Golden Auction

The total price for sale is $2.4 million, after accounting for Buyer's Premium. This is the highest price of a card.

Lebron James- Price for Sale noted this is the "most sought-after modern card in the sports collector world," that has a value of $3-5 million.

Lebron James- Modern Cards

The card is adorned with genuine patches for the NBA logo that has changed over the years.

Lebron James- Card is Adorned

"The LeBron James Triple Logoman card is the undisputed holy grail of modern cards," Goldin CEO.

Image Source- Sporting News

Lebron James- Triple Logoman

James" is the sole card that featured three patches from one player. Other patches included Anthony Edwards.

Image Source- Sportskeeda

Lebron James- Three Patches

The packs were priced at $15,000 each and were packaged in a secure secured box that contained 10 cards.

Lebron James- Priced at $15,000

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