Lebron James- Most Successful

LeBron is one the most successful athletes of recent years. He has won many NBA championships.

He has grown up, just like everyone else. He no longer wants the role of main player on the team.

Lebron James- Grown Up

Lebron James- Game Shots

James was asked if he thinks about the possibility of missing the game-winning shot.

"No. James suggested that maybe when I was younger. I don't care what anyone thinks. "

Lebron James- Was Younger

LeBron was forced to leave Cleveland in order to join the Miami Heat with Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh.

Lebron James- Forced to Leave

He was not only criticized for leaving Cavaliers, but also because he had left Wade the decision of big plays.

Lebron James- Criticized

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He said, "It probably changed to me, approximately 25 years old." "I was in Miami the first year.

Lebron James- Changed

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Everything was still about what everyone else thought. Then I just, like... 'I don’t care what anybody thinks.

Lebron James- Everyone Thought

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