LG 11TC50Q ChromeBook Unveiled

The LG 11TC50Q Chromebook is one of the first Chromebooks from the company. It is equipped with an Intel Celeron N500 processor and Intel UHD Graphics.

LG 11TC50Q ChromeBook- Availability

The new laptop is currently available in South Korea, where LG is based. It is available for purchase online and from offline retail stores.

LG 11TC50Q ChromeBook- Bluetooth

It’s expected that more PC manufacturers will join the fray, especially after LG recently received certification from the Bluetooth Special Interest Group.

LG 11TC50Q ChromeBook- Competition

With the Chromebook market full of top-tier competitors, LG has spotted an opportunity and is gearing up for its launch.

LG 11TC50Q ChromeBook- ChromeOS 

The Chromebook market is expanding at a steady rate. More PC makers are looking to release devices running the Chrome OS & the same is for LG 11TC50Q Chromebool.

The company has also launched a new model of the 11TC50Q that offers a touch display that can be rotated 360 degrees.

LG 11TC50Q ChromeBook- 360 Degree

LG 11TC50Q ChromeBook- Display

The LG 11TC50Q Chromebook is a convertible notebook with an 11.6-inch touchscreen display.

LG 11TC50Q ChromeBook- Connectivities

It also has WiFi support and is equipped with a microphone and headphone jack. This laptop has a long list of features.

LG 11TC50Q ChromeBook- Ergonomics

The laptop weighs just over a pound and has an IP41 rating for dust-tight protection. This is a great feature for a laptop.

LG 11TC50Q ChromeBook- Know More!!!

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