LG OLED TV EX Display- 30% Brighter

The LG OLED TV Ex-Display is the next generation of OLED panels. It increases the brightness of an OLED panel by up to 30% and is thinner than conventional OLED displays.

LG OLED TV EX Display- Compete with Mini LED

The company says it is the most advanced OLED ever made and will compete with Mini-LED technology. It also uses “Evolution and Experience” technology to enhance color accuracy.  

LG OLED TV EX Display- Steps towards the Future

The LG OLED TV Ex-Display is the company’s latest advancement in the OLED television market. It is a step forward for the industry, and a significant step in improving the image quality of televisions. 

LG OLED TV EX Display- Specifications

These algorithms work well with OLED TVs up to 8K resolution and will learn from each viewer’s preferences. Technology is a significant advancement, and it should be the next step in the development of OLED technology. 

LG OLED TV EX Display- Availability

The OLED EX has a smaller bezel than the OLED-based TVs. The bezel is 4mm thick compared to six in standard. The OLED EX is expected to be mass-produced by Q2 2022 and will offer higher brightness than a standard OLED.