Liam Hendriks- White Sox

White Sox closer Liam Hendriks enjoys the inclusion of veteran right-handed pitcher Jake Diekman.

Not only a lefty, but a lefty with some of the best stuff and highest ceilings in the league," Hendriks stated.

Liam Hendriks- Best Stuffs

Liam Hendriks- General Directors

But Hendriks as well as others from the Sox clubhouse had been hoping the general director Rick Hahn.

He did not, however, buy Diekman through a deal between the Red Sox for Reese McGuire.

Liam Hendriks- A Deal Between

We saw what Rick said, and it was disappointing we weren't able to add more, and that was something.

Liam Hendriks- Disappointing

Hendriks said to the Sun-Times. "But when we say that we're certainly not in the best place.

Liam Hendriks- The Sun Times

It was not far from it in the eyes of fans and national commentators who evaluate such issues.

Liam Hendriks- Commentators

The Sox were given at least an "F" for doing nothing until Tuesday's deadline following the arrival of Hendriks.

Liam Hendriks- Doing Nothing

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