Linktree NFT- Showcase NFT

Linktree revealed a set of new features that will allow creators to showcase their NFTs and “build a community around ownership.”

Link-in-bio platform Linktree is the latest company that is looking to integrate NFTs into its service.

Linktree NFT- Looking to Integrate

Linktree NFT- New Way to Monetise

The company says that with this new launch, creators will have new ways to monetize their craft and curate a digital identity.

The new features of LinkTree  were developed in partnership with NFT marketplace OpenSea. 

Linktree NFT- In Partnership With

Linktree NFT- NFT Gallery Link

The company’s new “NFT Gallery” link feature allows users to showcase their NFTs on their Linktree.

Creators can add the URL of an OpenSea collection to generate a preview and have the option to connect Metamask wallets.

Linktree NFT- MetaMask Wallet

Linktree NFT- Profile Images

Creators can also use their NFTs as their profile images or backgrounds on their Linktree after they connect their wallets.

Linktree is also introducing a new NFT lock feature that allows creators to lock their links using a smart contract address.

Linktree NFT- Smart Contract Address

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