LIV Golf Tournament- Other People

Art Shaughnessy and his son, Donovan, stood in the line with other people on the Bolton Fairgrounds early on Friday.

Waiting to get on shuttle buses for the Boston LIV Invitational that is held in the nearby town of Bolton.

LIV Golf Tournament- Nearby Town Of Bolton

It's the newest event in the brand new LIV Golf series that is receiving a lot of interest.

LIV Golf Tournament- Lot Of Interest

Not just because of its major-name players such as Phil Mickelson and Cameron Smith who is ranked second in golf worldwide.

LIV Golf Tournament- Golf Worldwide

"No, I haven't really noticed them," said Shaughnessy when asking about a group of protesters.

LIV Golf Tournament- Group Of Protesters

This sentiment was echoed by other people who waited in the line. Some people said it's a bit absurd to focus.

LIV Golf Tournament- Focus

LIV Golf Tournament- Albama

Image Source- CBS Sport, Yardbarker

Go and ask the PGA who they're backing. It's most likely China," said Susan Barnes who came all to Elba, Alabama.

Massachusetts Peace Action was the only protester group to be in the Fairground on Friday morning.

LIV Golf Tournament- Friday Beingning

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