Six years ago, there was a lack of trust between professional golfers, the U.S. Open oligarchs.

LIV Golf Players- Lack of Trust

This prompted a social media storm that saw the ruling body hurled into the ropes and bloodied, calling for a white towel.

LIV Golf Players- Prompted a Social Media

Everlast should have sponsored the USGA, as it had been such a punching bag for too long.

LIV Golf Players- Sponsored the USGA

The blazers of that organization threatened Dustin Johnson, the U.S. Open's final-round leader.

LIV Golf Players- Organization Threatened

"Amateur hour @USGA," tweeted Rory McIlroy. He later added that "If it were me, I wouldn't hit another chance.

LIV Golf Players- Ameteur Hour

Jordan Spieth said that Johnson was being judged as he tried to win his first major title, "a joke.

Image Source- US Open

LIV Golf Players- First Major Title

Everyone understands what Johnson and Phil Mickelson, Bryson deChambeau, and their friends did.

Image Source- Your Big Sky

LIV Golf Players- Everyone Understands

Mickelson's long-time admirers should abandon him for his $200 million in business dealings with people.

LIV Golf Players- Long Time Admirers

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