PGA Tour announced an increase in pay and the addition of new events, among other measures to counter the LIV tour.

LIV Golfers- Increase the Pay

"I think it's great for the guys out there, that LIV maybe made other tours to elevate their possibilities," Martin Kaymer.

LIV Golfers- May Elevate Possibilities

"I think it's good for all the players. I think the bottom line is it's great for the members of the tour.

LIV Golfers- Players Joining Tour

Kaymer and Kaymer and his LIV coworkers may not be keen on trading barbs, but they are still being thrown their way.

LIV Golfers- Thrown in the Way

As LIV stages its first stateside tournament and third overall in the week of Pumpkin Ridge Golf Club in Portland.

LIV Golfers- Ridge Golf Club

It does this in the face of further criticism from Rory McIlroy, who said players who quit to join the PGA Tour to join LIV.

LIV Golfers- Joining this Tour

Oregon officials, including Senator Ron Wyden, note the shady human rights record of Saudi Arabia. record.

LIV Golfers- Human Rights in Saudi

Image Source- CNN

This includes a prize up to many million dollars at eight of the most prestigious PGA Tour tournaments.

LIV Golfers- Million Dollar Prize Money

Image Source- NBC News

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