Lonzo Ball- Los Angeles

In a recent conversation on CBS Los Angeles, Bulls star Lonzo Ball discussed various things that relate to his NBA career.

He also talked about his relationship with LeBron James. James was a part of in the Purple and Gold back.

Lonzo Ball- Lebron James

Being a part of James was an honor, and it's not something that is going to be forgotten anytime soon.

Lonzo Ball- It was an Honor

Just playing for the home team," Ball stated when asked about his most memorable Lakers memories.

Lonzo Ball- Memorable Moments

He (LeBron) was my most favorite player in my youth. Being able to play on his court space with him.

Lonzo Ball- Favourite Player

Lonzo wasn't able to spend an amount of time with LeBron however, he performed fairly well sharing the court.

Lonzo Ball- Time Spent

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Lonzo Ball- Valuable Piece of Advice

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Memorable to Lonzo Lonzo outlined the most valuable bit of advice LeBron ever offered him.

When I first joined the league, he advised me to focus on the one thing in mind, the most important thing.

Lonzo Ball- Focus is the Key

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