Los Angeles Lakers- The NBA Team

Los Angeles Lakers will enter their 75th season as an NBA team. They began their journey in the Midwest.

The current Lakers team will pay homage to their Minneapolis ancestors this season with a retro jersey.

Los Angeles Lakers- Pay the Homage

Los Angeles Lakers- Retro Jersey

There have been many retro jerseys worn by the Lakers in recent seasons. However, this one is by far.

It is unique and pays tribute to the squads that helped to create the rich championship tradition.

Los Angeles Lakers- Pay Tribute

The Los Angeles Lakers unveiled a Classic Edition jersey in celebration of their 75th season.

Los Angeles Lakers- Classic Edition

It recreates the team’s first home uniform, a nod towards the franchise's history from the Midwest.

Los Angeles Lakers- First Home Uniform

The uniform features the Minneapolis Lakers' '50s-era blue and golden colorway. "Lakers" is spelled.

Los Angeles Lakers- Uniform Features

Image Source- NBA.com

The jersey features stitched numbers on the front and the back in Minneapolis' 50s era Blue.

Los Angeles Lakers- Stitched Numbers

Image Source- Silverscreen & Roll

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