Los Angeles Rams- Super Bowls

In a team ceremony, the Los Angeles Rams unveiled their Super Bowl 56 championship rings.

Similar to their $5 billion home and their rings, team seemed to have spared no expense.

Los Angeles Rams- $5 Billion

Los Angeles Rams- Weights of Ring

The Rams claim that the Jason of Beverly Hills rings has the highest diamond carat weights.

The ring's face features the Rams logo in blue and yellow sapphires. The Lombardi Trophy rises above it.

Los Angeles Rams- Team Logo

There are also two palm trees. On one side are the names of players and coaches.

Los Angeles Rams- Ergonomics

The top of this ring opens to reveal SoFi Stadium, where the Rams also beat Cincinnati in February.

Los Angeles Rams- SoFi Stadium

Image Source- New York Posr

The ring's field contains "remnants", which is the same turf that the Rams used in the Super Bowl.

Los Angeles Rams- Similar to

Image Source- Reuters

The twist-off top's underside which actually resembles the exterior of SoFi Stadium features.

Los Angeles Rams- The Exteriors

Image Source- The Rams

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