Lucid Group, Inc. is an electric car company, focused on designing, developing, manufacturing & selling of EV cars.

Lucid Stock Performance- Registered on NYSE

Luucid Motors offers at its own distributed retail and service locations and through direct-to-consumer online and retail sales. 

Lucid Stock Performance- Business Model

Lucid Motors also boasts a product roadmap of future vehicle programs and technologies to expand its productivity.

Lucid Stock Performance- EVs Cars Program

Lucid Motors technological innovation, vertical integration, and a clean-sheet approach to engineering.

Lucid Stock Performance- High-end Mechanism

Lucid Group which manufactures Luxurious EVs said Thursday it now has more than 30,000 reservations for its Air sedan.

Lucid Stock Performance- More Bookings for EV

Here is the Earning highlight of Lucid Motors Loss per share: 5 cent Revenue: $57.7 million Net loss: $81.3 million

Lucid Stock Performance- Q1 2022 Results

We continue to have a healthy balance sheet, closing quarter with nearly $5.4 billion of cash in hand, CFO of Lucid Motors.

Lucid Stock Performance- Balance Sheet

As of Today Lucid Stock Price is 17.45 Dollars per share.The Lucid Stock gained 2.08% in a day on the Stock Exchange.

Lucid Stock Performance- Stock Price Today

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