Luka Doncic was seen at Madison Square Garden today wearing an official Philadelphia Eagles jersey.

Jalen Brunson, who he as well as the Mavericks were facing on the court for the first time Saturday afternoon.

This, however, was just one of the things Doncic did not like during his game in the game.

Mavericks defeated Brunson along with his Knicks at the end of the period beating New York 69-40.

Mavericks coach Jason Kidd stated when asked if the prospect of facing Brunson could be a motivational element in his squad.

"I think they've been around Brunson for four years. Those players in the locker room. They'll miss him.

There are people in the locker room are his friends during the summer months, and he shares a strong relationship with a few of them.

It certainly did the trick in this regard in the second quarter, as the Mavericks destroyed.

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