Lunar Eclipse of 2022- Key Details

Stargazers are witnessing the first lunar eclipse of 2022 & will be seen in most of the part of Europe & America.

While most of Europe is witnessing it before dawn on Monday, the Americas were able to see it Sunday night.

Lunar Eclipse of 2022- Time Period

Lunar Eclipse of 2022- Super Blood Moon

The Earth passes between the Sun and the Moon during the eclipse, and it will be a Super Blood Moon.

The Moon will gradually darken before turning dusky red as it falls completely into the Earth's shadow.

Lunar Eclipse of 2022- How it will Happen

Lunar Eclipse of 2022- Larger than Usual

As the Moon will be at its closest point to Earth in its orbit, it will appear larger than usual and will be considered a super moon.

The eclipse will last more than five hours. In Indian Standard Time (IST), it will begin at 7.02 a.m. on Monday.

Lunar Eclipse of 2022- Monday

Lunar Eclipse of 2022- NASA Livestream

Although the eclipse will not be visible in India, those interested can watch a livestream of the event on NASA.

There is also The Virtual Telescope Project -- a very powerful set of real, robotic telescopes that can be accessed remotely.

Lunar Eclipse of 2022- Virtual telescope

Lunar Eclipse of 2022- Swipe Up!!!

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