The player Mac Jones didn't meet with the media until the team had declared that he had been injured.

After scoring 53 yards in the first seven plays, the Patriots were just outside of the area of red when Jones dropped a jump ball.

The ball was hit off by Pro Bowl cornerback Xavien Howard and was intercepted by teammate Jevon Holland.

The third drive ended nearly as quickly as it began, when Jones strip-sacked on the second down off New England.

The safety Brandon Jones blitzed from the defensive right side and struck the Patriots quarterback from behind.

New England Patriots quarterback Mac Jones injured his back in Sunday's 20-7 loss to the season-opening game.

Image Source- Pats Pulpit

Image Source- Sporting News

Jones was observed by several reporters who entered the X-ray room within Hard Rock Stadium following the match.

In the opening game of his second season, Jones was 21-of-30 with 215 yards, a touchdown catch along with interceptions.

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