Mac Jones- They Will Be Successful

The New England Patriots have been given the benefit of dubious for this long, that everyone thinks that they will be successful

The dynasty is over. Tom Brady is gone. The team is now an empty shell and that is especially true of offense.

Mac Jones- True of Offense

Naturally that the team was likely to be regressing after losing one of top offensive callers in the game.

Mac Jones- Caller In The Game

The concept of bringing in an offensive-minded coach in Matt Patricia and longtime special assistant to special teams.

Mac Jones- Special Team

Joe Judge and expecting them to take over Josh McDaniels, who left his position as offensive coordinator.

Mac Jones Offensive Coordinator

Although, it's not the best time to be giddy about a team's performance not being very well. 

Mac Jones- Very Well

It's clear that coaches don't release their entire strategy for their regular season opponents to scrutinize.

Mac Jones- Regular Season

Mac Jones- Patriots Offense

Image Source- MarketWire, USATODAY

 But a number of signs suggest a tough season in this Patriots offense, including head coach Mac Jones.

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