NFL Madden 23- See Modifications

Prior to Madden NFL 23's launch on the 19th of August, EA has shared a set of modifications.

Which have been implemented due to feedback from players received from the beta closed.

NFL Madden 23- Implemented

NFL Madden 23- Liked Feedback

The most well-liked feedback from players asking developers not to alter it too drastically prior launch.

Referees returning to the field during live gameplay is not something we will be able to deliver in Madden 23.

NFL Madden 23- Referees Return

The note states it is "refs is very high on our future roadmap," with EA determined to only be able to return.

NFL Madden 23- Future Roadmap

Balance adjustments and AI tweaks were made to various features in response to feedback.

NFL Madden 23- AI Tweaks

Additionally, EA has also improved the process of onboarding for the brand new passing system.

NFL Madden 23- Onboarding

All Madden Edition will receive three days of headstart before the game will be available for unlocking.

NFL Madden 23- Three Day Headstart

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